Window Repairs

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Window Repairs

Effective Double Glazing Window Repairs

At Safe Windows and Doors, we suggest window repair work to many customers before replacements. Most issues regarding windows can usually be quickly identified and corrected in a short space of time without having to take the window out and replace them in their entirety.

Whether you need uPVC window repairs or aluminium window repairs, we can offer you a free no obligation visit to confirm the extent of the job involved and, more than often, even put your mind at rest as to the size and price of the task at hand!

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Preventing Costly Replacements

The key to successfully repairing your windows usually involves being able to spot the problem as soon as it arises and calling the experts in for help. Over time, every window will face a barrage of the elements and therefore wear and tear is inevitable. Unfortunately, this can lead to many of the essential components of the window beginning to fail. However, jobs such as this are easily resolved, and many parts of a window can be replaced and fixed, leaving the window as good as new once again.

Over the years we have come across a multitude of windows that can be repaired including jobs such as scratched or damaged uPVC frames, faulty glass, vent problems, tilt and turn mechanism faults, and broken handles, hinges and gaskets. In many cases, all that’s needed is replacing the fault or simply fitting a new glass pane.

Old Locks for New Ones

We Replace Your Old Locks for New Ones

With many homes relying on the security of window locks, when these locks start failing to do the job properly, it can mean placing the occupants of the home at risk as these windows become easy targets. However, this does not necessarily mean having to replace the whole window. We can offer a service whereby we remove the offending locks and replace them with new locking mechanisms.

Safe Windows and Doors

We Assess Each Repair Job Individually

We look at all window repairs individually and discuss the most effective way of moving forward. If the window can be fixed, we will endeavour to do this. However, if the job is beyond fixing and a replacement is needed, we will work with you to find a solution, helping you to access our vast selection of window designs at a price to suit your current circumstances.