Window Condensation

windows condensation

Condensation on Windows and Doors

As a specialist windows and doors company, at Safe Windows and Doors we regularly listen to customers worries about condensation on their doors and windows. However, with our extensive number of years in this industry, we have found that not all offending windows and doors have to be immediately replaced.

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At Safe Windows and Doors, we always do our best to ensure that as soon as such signs appear, we can offer a free no obligation quote, so you can decide whether it is necessary to have the offending door or window replaced.

If you are concerned about the current conditions of your doors and windows, why not give us a call before you do anything else and we can work to put your mind at rest. In some cases, condensation could suggest that your windows are working as well as they should!

Many properties can suffer, regardless of new or older windows, with the air inside of the home being damper than the air outside of it. The result is that this air hits the cold surface of the door or window and over time leaves a build-up of water on the glass. Inadequate ventilation around the window can also cause such problems.

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Though it is not always essential to get your windows and doors replaced at the first signs, over time, its presence can affect the surrounding areas in the form of mould which ultimately reduces the lifespan of your doors and windows and leads to health problems.

If you do need to replace your windows and doors, we have a vast number of choices to choose from in varying styles and colours and competitively priced.

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Safe Windows and Doors will work with you to establish a solution, rather than just instructing you to buy new windows or doors if we discover that they really aren’t needed here. However, if you decide that you would like your affected windows or doors replaced, we will offer our extensive services and work to replace these at a price to suit your required budget.

You can be safe in the knowledge that your replacements will be installed by our registered and local family run company who have over a decade of experience in the doors and windows industry.