Roof Lanterns

Roof Lanterns

Modern Roof Lanterns

At Safe Windows & Doors, we take pride in every project that we undertake, and that is why we love being asked about roof lanterns because that is what we do best. Our designs are unique, exciting and can transform an ordinary plain roof into something beautiful and stunning.

Our experts have over ten years of experience in working with our esteemed Berkshire clients to help them achieve their dream rooms through creative use of a roof lantern. We are proud to be the leading company that people can trust and come to whenever they think of installing lanterns in their homes.

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Why Should You add it to Your Home?

What is a Roof Lantern

Are you surprised by what we are talking about? Well, a roof lantern is essentially a unique type of roof build that is usually added to the top of your orangery or conservatory. The roof build is referred to as a roof lantern since it resembles a crown and sits on top of your roof like a lantern.

The roof lantern adds beauty and elegance to your home, and it can be designed in different styles to fit your unique requirements. While some people prefer the conventional square design, others prefer incorporating rounded edges to make the lantern look unique.

The lanterns will flood your home with plenty of natural light, transforming your interior spaces from the dingy flat roof extensions into bright and beautiful spaces that you can use for various purposes throughout the year.

The roof lantern doesn’t just add more light to your indoors but also offers a stunning feature from both the inside and outside. They also provide you with a unique space to enjoy the warm sunlight like never before. Who wouldn’t love such an addition to their spaces?

We Work With Our Clients

Every Step of the Way

With more than 16 years of experience in the industry, we have helped a lot of our clients in Berkshire achieve their dreams of a perfectly lit home. We understand the fact that your home needs to be a safe sanctuary where you can relax in the evening after a tedious day in the workplace.

We install well-designed lanterns and work with you every step of the way to ensure that we deliver on our promise. We shall make you aware of the progress at every stage until the time we complete the work.

Are you looking to install roof lanterns in your Berkshire based home? Contact Safe Windows & Doors today and let us take charge of your project. We are a credited company and we are capable of completing your project on time while adhering to the highest standards. Contact us today and let us help you beautify your home.